Workshop Series for Sales Professionals

Unlock the Future of Sales Excellence with ChatGPT!

At Butler Street, we've always been at the forefront of delivering transformative training experiences. Our eLearning modules have empowered countless sales professionals and leaders in the staffing industry to achieve unparalleled success. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our latest offering: ChatGPT Workshops tailored for both salespeople and sales leaders.

Workshop Series #1:
Getting More Meetings with ChatGPT Assistance

Build on foundational skills of Sales Effectiveness by accelerating results by utilizing AI as your sales assistant!
  • Session 1: Developing Prompts for ChatGPT to Generate Great Value Messaging
  • Session 2: Expanding Your Social Reach Using ChatGPT
  • Session 3: Leveraging AI to Accelerate the Creation and Execution of Prospecting Touch Plans

Sessions are currently full but additional sessions will be added - join our waitlist and we'll keep you updated:


Sessions are filling up quickly - if interested in a private workshop for your group of 10+, please contact us.

Workshop Series #2
Planning Winning Sales Meetings with ChatGPT Assistance

Building upon what was shared in Series 1: Getting More Meetings with ChatGPT Assistance, learn additional ways to utilize ChatGPT for sales success!
  • Session 1: Refining Prompts for Client Meeting Plans to Win More Business. 
  • Session 2: Enhancing Questioning Skills Through AI to Create Gap
  • Session 3: Overcome Objections Using ChatGPT As A Role Practice Coach


Join Waitlist for Series #2: Planning Winning Sales Meetings with ChatGPT Assistance

Details coming soon!

Leadership ChatGPT Workshop Series!

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Industry-Specific Knowledge

Tailored for the staffing industry ensuring relevance and applicability

Real-World Scenarios

Engage with real-world scenarios that help you harness the power of ChatGPT in your daily sales activities

Immediate ROI

Actionable from day one, ensuring you see immediate improvements in your sales prospecting 

Unleash the Power of ChatGPT with Butler Street's Sales Effectiveness!

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Personalized Outreach
Craft compelling messages tailored to each prospect
Enhanced Productivity
Streamline tasks and focus on what truly matters - closing deals!
Data-Driven Insights
Analyze sales data and refine strategies
Continuous Learning
Stay updated with industry trends and sharpen your skills

The Perfect Blend of Sales Technique and AI Insights

In today's rapidly changing talent market, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Our ChatGPT workshops, combined with the foundational knowledge from our eLearning courses, offer the perfect blend of traditional sales techniques and cutting-edge AI insights. 

For Our Valued Current Customers: 

  • Those who have participated in and have the foundational knowledge of our Sales Effectiveness and/or Account Management training or eLearning program: 

    • Workshop Series #1: $439 per person
    • Workshop Series #2: $439 per person
      Note: prerequisite for Workshop Series #2 is completion of Workshop Series #1


For Our New Enthusiasts: 

  • Embark on a journey with us! To ensure you have the foundational knowledge of Butler Street's Sales Effectiveness, start with our acclaimed eLearning Course

    • Workshop Series #1 with required eLearning license: $788 per person
    • Workshop Series #2 : $439 per person
      Note: prerequisite is completion of Workshop Series #1

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