Keynote Speaker and Butler Street Principal,

Robert Reid


Get Ready to Laugh, Learn, and Gain A New Perspective

Robert's extensive background as an improv actor plus his industry expertise and experience facilitating leadership, sales, account management, and recruiter training results in a highly entertaining and engaging speaker who informs and delights all audiences.

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Unscripted Success: Embracing Improv Techniques for Business Triumphs

Explore how improv skills like adaptability, creativity, and collaboration can be applied in the corporate world to drive success. Drawing parallels with Butler Street Consulting's offerings, Robert emphasizes the importance of agility in sales, leadership, and workforce development strategies.


Building High Performance Teams: An Improv Approach

Delve into the world of improv to uncover the secrets of building high-performance teams. By combining the power of improv's teamwork, trust, and communication with Butler Street Consulting's team development solutions, attendees learn how to create cohesive and productive teams.


Effective Use of AI in Your Role

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No techie experience needed! Learn how to effectively utilize AI in your role. Whether in a sales, recruiting, or leadership role, you'll understand how to prompt for efficiency, effective feedback, and enhanced prospecting results!

The Art of Listening: Improvise Your Way to Better Business Relationships

Improv heavily relies on active listening, and Robert demonstrates how this skill can transform business relationships. By tying in Butler Street Consulting's expertise in customer experience and client engagement, the speech highlights the impact of effective listening on customer satisfaction and retention.


Navigating Change: A Corporate Improv Adventure

Change is a constant in both improv and the business world. Explore how the principles of improv, such as adaptability and resilience, can help organizations navigate change successfully. It connects with Butler Street Consulting's change management solutions to provide actionable strategies for driving successful transformations.


Creative Problem-Solving: An Improv Toolkit for Business Challenges

Combining the art of improv with Butler Street Consulting's strategic consulting services, Robert focuses on fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving. Attendees learn how to tackle complex business challenges through brainstorming, ideation, and risk-taking.


From Stage to Boardroom: The Leadership Lessons of Improv

Improv is not just for performers; it holds valuable leadership lessons. Examine how improv skills like quick thinking, emotional intelligence, and adaptability can shape effective leaders. Tying it with Butler Street Consulting's leadership development solutions, Robert provides insights for grooming strong leadership within organizations.


Making the Leap: Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks in Business

Explore how improv helps individuals conquer fear and embrace risk-taking. By aligning with Butler Street Consulting's sales training and performance improvement services, Robert highlights the importance of risk-taking in sales, negotiation, and business growth.


A Symphony of Improv: Orchestrating Effective Communication

Improv requires seamless communication, and Robert showcases how strong communication is essential in the corporate world. By integrating Butler Street Consulting's communication and messaging strategies, He offers practical tips for effective communication at all levels of an organization.


If you want to create a high-performance company culture that fosters employee engagement AND revenue growth, here’s how you do it.

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